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Description: Host your own mail server Timestamp: 2017-07-17 22:04:46 +0000
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  1. Just finished listening to episode 327 and after hearing your feedback comments about secure mail servers I thought I would share what I have done towards de-google-izing my life.
  3. For my children's sake, to reduce theirs and my public footprint I decided to host my own mail server. I wanted a drop-in replacement for Gmail with calendaring and mobile phone support and planned to use Dovecot and Roundcube as Dan also mentioned in this episode.
  5. I then stumbled across NethServer ( as an all-in-one general server solution. This system offers easy one-click installation of many server applications running on top of Centos. After the initial installation I was able to get Dovecot, Roundcube, Spam filtering and NextCloud up and running in a matter of minutes all with Let's Encrypt SSL. A common user directory makes accessing all of the applications simple.  
  7. The server will also act as the network gateway / firewall but I chose to sit mine behind a pfSense box.
  9. After testing I ended up using the SoGo groupware application rather than Roundcube for webmail, calendaring and contacts as it also has seamless ActiveSync integration for mobile phones.
  11. The active NethServer community is very friendly with regular security and feature updates.
  13. Hope this may be of interest to any listeners looking for a simple one-stop solution.
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