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  1. Hi Noah,
  3. Thanks for all of your work with JB and the ask noah show. I'm a big fan of OBS and wondered if you could advise on the following please...
  5. I work at an academy trust of schools in the UK and we want to be able to carry out a combination of streaming, recording and video conferencing these sessions.
  7. Requirements are as follows:
  9. * Record, stream etc the presenter PC screen and audio
  10. * Record, stream etc the presenter's video and audio
  11. * Record, stream etc the local audience's video and the audio at relevant times, such as question and answer sections
  12. * When video conferencing, the remote audience should be able to take part in the session by as well as viewing and listening, they should be able to ask questions back
  14. At present I'm thinking of the following:
  16. * Have a separate capture PC running OBS and using a Magewell capture device to capture the presenter's PC
  17. * Use a fairly basic mixing desk to output the relevant audio streams to both the capture PC and the speakers in the room.
  18. * wireless mics if needed
  20. I'd love to carry this out with Linux, but my stumbling block at the moment is using the output of OBS as a virtual webcam. I can accomplish this using a windows only OBS add-on.
  22. The video conferencing requirement adds the complexity with the second sound card required. I also thought about using a virtual sound sink / source perhaps.
  24. I've ordered a couple of C930s to trial all of this, but they may have a too wide field of view for the presenter camera.
  26. Cheers, Matt
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