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Description: Unfilter and YouTube Timestamp: 2013-12-18 22:52:36 +0000
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  1. Hey hey Unfilter team!
  3. With all of the kerfuffle regarding YouTube's Content ID system the past few weeks, is there a growing fear that Unfilter may be the next victim and have to leave YouTube entirely? Unfilter uses a lot of news and audio clips and samples CNN content for parody.
  5. Every week, I listen to the audio version and rarely use YouTube to listen to Unfilter unless I am left with no options. I like being able to stream the Ogg file in Firefox or VLC straight from the JB page without restriction and from a fast server. If Unfilter were to leave YouTube, would it hurt the podcast a lot or do most of your listeners come from the JB page?
  7. When I do use YouTube, it is mainly gaming related and I have seen that landscape change a lot. Long standing shows like Classic Game Room have left YouTube and instead opted to host their own videos from their page. I have a feeling that many long standing YouTube users may give Google the middle finger and host their own content from now on.
  9. On a final note, did you hear that indie dev Johnathan Blow had video footage taken down for a game that he created? Heck, he even uploaded the videos and there was an automatic copyright claim by Sony, for which has no hand in the development.
  11. Want to know the biggest issue out of all this? Content is automatically being flagged by companies without any input from the company themselves. It has forced many major game developers to apologize to the channels in question and reassure that they have no problem with the content. They've even worked with some channels to bring their content back.
  13. Is this the future of content on the internet? We get videos flagged and taken down automatically without feedback from the content creator and/or the copyright holder? What is to stop from Content ID becoming an internet standard and ANY video can get a Content ID claim no matter if it is on YouTube or not? My head is going to explode.
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