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  1. Hi Guys!
  3. I've only recently started to watch your show and I'm sad that I didn't find you sooner :)
  5. I've got two questions for you - the first of which is more of a community question.
  6. I am in a talent program for a large telecommunications company and one of my tasks is to develop a unique product or customer experience, something that makes people go "wow, that's cool" and preferably something the competition doesn't already do.
  7. So as a long-time Linux (and currently completely Windows-free) user I naturally wanted to give it a GNU/Linux and open-source spin.
  9. My first idea was to make sure all 3G/4G sticks were made to be Linux compatible as I have recently had problems with such sticks myself - is this something the userbase would be interested in?
  11. And are there any other ideas that I could propose? It would be great if I could help to bring Linux to the attention of the higher-ups, if only a little.
  12. Keep in mind that this company does not actually manufacture any products, it's a cellphone carrier and an ISP. Also, if it's a truly big idea it is very unlikely I can actually make it happen - think subtle but cool.
  14. My next, totally unrelated question:
  15. My mother, who is a complete computer novice, has asked me to give her some pointers and introduce her to working on a PC; I need a very user-friendly and stable environment where she doesn't have to use a terminal or even sudo at all.
  17. I am an Arch user myself so I don't really know what to get - I am thinking Mint or Ubuntu, any other suggestions?
  19. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work,
  21. Philipp
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