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Description: Quadrupled photos Timestamp: 2017-06-13 16:33:17 -0400
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  1. Hi
  3. I’m a teacher in primary school. Because nobody did it I slowly evolved into an IT administrator. Mostly I learn as I go and from mistakes.
  5. Before my question I would like to say that I also agree with previous lister, Dan you have a great personality (as seen on TechSNAP) and I would also love to hear a deep dive on IPv6. Especially the advantages and differences.
  7. Here is my situation. Users started to complain that computers are running low on free space. I took a look at it and found this mess.
  9. Users were taking photos and videos and after every event they copied all photos and videos to a computer. The problem occurred when the same images and videos became duplicated, tripled, quadrupled.
  11. Here is how they did it.
  12. First they took photos and copied them to a computer to a folder DCIM (defaulf folder from camera).
  13. IMG_001.jpg
  14. IMG_002.jpg
  15. IMG_003.jpg
  17. Then they took more photos and copied all photos to the different folder the same computer. Usually DCIM (2).
  18. IMG_001.jpg
  19. IMG_002.jpg
  20. IMG_003.jpg
  21. IMG_004.jpg (new photo)
  22. IMG_005.jpg (new photo)
  24. And so on.
  26. Every once in awhile somebody emptied the memory card in the camera so naming of new photos started from the beginning.
  27. IMG_001.jpg (new photo)
  28. IMG_002.jpg (new photo)
  29. IMG_003.jpg (new photo)
  32. Sometimes the camera wasn’t used for so long that the battery completely drained so the date on the camera reset and the date of a photo being taken was wrong.
  34. And they did this on several computers.
  36. I would like to remove duplicate photos and videos, but based only on content - not date or filename (which are both wrong).
  38. Can this be done on FreeNAS (or vanilla FreeBSD) or Linux (Ubuntu)?
  40. Thanks for the information. Keep on with the great work.
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