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Author: bl0wj0b Language: text
Description: Kaspersky Free Antivirus (WARNING!) Timestamp: 2017-07-27 11:12:59 +0000
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Interesting portion of the EULA:

[1]"6. Provision of information (if applicable)
6.1. In order to enhance the protection of information and improve the quality of the Software and services, You agree to automatically provide Kaspersky Lab with the following information of a statistical and administrative nature: information about installed programs, license data, information on detected threats and infections, checksums of processed objects, technical information about the Computer and devices connected to it, information about online activity of the device as well as You agree that such information can be provided to third-party service providers. More information is available at
6.2. In order to identify new information security threats and their sources, enhance the operational protection of Users of the Software, and improve the quality of the product, You agree to automatically provide Kaspersky Lab with information specified in the Terms of Use of Kaspersky Security Network.
Also, You can activate and deactivate the Kaspersky Security Network service at any time in the Software settings window.
You further acknowledge and agree that any information gathered by Rightholder can be used to track and publish reports on security risk trends at the Rightholder’s sole and exclusive discretion.
If you do not wish to provide information to the Kaspersky Security Network service, You should not activate the Kaspersky Security Network service. If service is already activated, you should immediately de-activate the Kaspersky Security Network service.

Kaspersky Lab protects the information received in accordance with applicable governing law and Kaspersky Lab's rules.
Kaspersky Lab uses the information received only in an anonymized form as part of aggregated statistics. These aggregated statistics are generated automatically from the original information received and do not contain personal information or any other confidential information. Initial information received is destroyed upon accumulation (once a year). General statistics are kept indefinitely.

7. Use of the functionality of third-party online services (if applicable)
7.1. If You use Software functions linked to data storage and\or backup on third-party FTP servers or through third-party online data storage services, You must be aware that the Rightholder is not responsible for the security (confidentiality, integrity, accessibility) of data stored on these resources. Access to information and its protection is governed by the relevant terms of use of the services.
You should familiarize yourself with the terms of security for FTP servers or online services before using them.

8. Receiving informational and advertising materials
8.1. You acknowledge, accept and agree to receive informational materials via the Software from the Rightholders and/or Partners to improve the protection level.

9. Using the Adaptive Security feature
9.1. If You decide to use the Adaptive Security feature, You agree to automatically provide the information needed to generate recommendations to improve security. These recommendations will be shown in the Web-Portal in the User Account, to which the Software is connected. Information about the recommendations shown may be used by Technical Support only when processing a request from the User."
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