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Description: Got my Bonobo Extreme! AND LOVING IT! Timestamp: 2013-05-19 15:39:05 +0000
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  1. Got my Bonobo Extreme! AND LOVING IT! I got mine with a gloss screen, 32GBs of ram, the GTX 680M, a 512 GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD that I ordered separately. I run Arch Linux with E17 on it. This is by far the fastest computer I have ever had!
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  8. Though there are some things I don't like about. I honestly don't like the keyboard too much (mainly the space bar) and I HATE the click pad, to be fair I haven't found a click pad I do like but this one doesn't even sit evenly with the laptop, which is a little upsetting... Back to the positive, System 76's support is INCREDIBLE. As soon as I turned on my laptop I noticed a stuck/broken pixel on my screen, System 76 went above and beyond by not only allowing me to send it back but allowing my to buy the glossy screen since the matte screen didn't really impress me.
  10. Thank you Chris and Matt for the AWESOME show and showing me System 76!
  13. If you want to use this email/pics in an episode please use "Jeff", not my email. :D
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