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Description: Docker on BSD Timestamp: 2014-08-26 17:00:48 +0000
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  1. Hey guys,
  3. First of all I wanted to say great show..thanks for all the hard work every time, and that on a weekly basis..very impressive. You guys keep me company on my hours long commutes to work every day (as long as podcasts are available at least) doing something useful while standing in traffic jams.
  5. I'm a network engineer experienced in Datacenter, now getting involved in a DevOps/Programmer role. I have past experience on Linux and am a heavy user of MacOS X. Never really gave BSD a good chance as I never found the right project/use for it.
  7. Now, for a project I'm working on at work, we're using Docker (
  8. All of it is running on Ubuntu Linux (shrug..Linux ok..but Ubuntu? :( ), but the more I listen to your show, the more I'm itched to throw FreeBSD on there and port everything there. Everything is puppetized so should be doable without too much headache once I get the base system up.
  10. The only problem is that we heavily use docker.
  11. It basically sets up a new Linux environment in microseconds, does whatever it has to do there, and then destroys it. We use it for an application server where a user runs code and when the code is done executing, the environment is destroyed. Very scalable, very secure.
  13. In the past docker used LXC code exposed by the Linux kernel, but I read that docker is now (going to be?) using their own proprietary code to make it also working on other OS's such as FreeBSD.
  15. Do you know anything about this? As what I find on the internet is very very vague.
  16. I don't think I can do what we want with just Jails, as from what I read, docker would be using jails.
  17. It allows this instant environment build/destroy, while mounting external folders into it, while regulating cpu/memory/... etc. It's very powerful.
  19. Would you guys be able to get someone on the show working on that and/or getting some update on that? I'm sure with an expanded crowd hearing this, the project might get another boost of having it running on (Free)BSD.
  21. Anyway, keep it going..cut down maybe some minutes on the iX systems gets tired of it. I'm already happy we now have snaptar as well, but don't keep talking about it for 15 minutes ;)
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