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  9. Ben Davis can return to Spurs, the West Ham has lost much less love among the rivals. West Ham won a 1-0 win over the Premier League title last season and was disliked. They won 4-0 in their last match by winning 3-0 against Everton. They scored 18 goals in their last four league games. In West Ham’s Trenham match, we saw the final London derby record of defeating Keane in the Premier League. In Tottenham match of West Ham, we saw the final London Derby record of defeated Keane in the Premier League. Hammers defeated Tottenham 14 times in the Premier League, winning their most against a single opponent in the competition. They won their last home games in the Hamers Premier League (2-0 in Hughesfield) – on only one previous occasion, they are winning consecutive home at the London stadium;
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