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Description: Do any USB-C docks work in Linux? Timestamp: 2018-11-19 01:15:20 +0000
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  1. I use a MacBook (2017) for work as mandated by my company. I have a USB-C dock that lets me plug in my display (display port), keyboard and mouse so I can effectively use the MacBook as a desktop while at my desk and not traveling around with it.
  3. On all other computers other than the MacBook, I’m all Linux. I have a Galago Pro (latest model) that is my daily driver. It’s running Pop OS 18.04. I would like to use the same USB-C dock for it that I use with the MacBook. Unfortunately, the laptop doesn’t see a display attached when I plug it in.
  5. I’ve tried other docks and none of them work. They aren’t Mac specific, but rather generic hubs (one of them is the Kingston Nucleum, for example). I’ve also tried loading the Display Link driver just in case that’s what it wanted. In addition, I tried 18.10 hoping the newer kernel would have support. No such luck.
  7. Based on my inability to get this working, I’d assume displays over USB-C simply aren’t supported. However, I’ve read that these work for some people while searching Google, but I’m not sure how that’s possible. There's not a lot of clear information on what is required for a USB-C dock to work in Linux. In fact, there's almost no information I could find at all.
  9. Have you had any luck with these?
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