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Simonetti2010 Link Tuesday, June 11, 2013 5:48 AM Reply
I very much doubt this phone is actually Android ICS.

As an Android developer and an active member of XDA forums, I can tell for sure that the Android version string is very easy to fake. So easy that many fake Galaxy S III devices report themselves as genuine, but there are ways to find out if the device is real or not. For the Galaxy S III, I have written and published a free app that will tell if the device is a genuine S III (or any of its legitimate variants). This app is called Galaxy S III Identity.

Hardware-wise, the device this thread refers to does NOT meet the minimum requirements for Android 4.0.x. To prove and document my statement, please check: and check the "Android 4.0 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD)" PDF.

For Android 4.0:

7.6.1. Minimum Memory and Storage
Device implementations MUST have at least 340MB of memory available to the kernel and userspace. The 340MB
MUST be in addition to any memory dedicated to hardware components such as radio, video, and so on that is not
under the kernel's control.
Device implementations MUST have at least 350MB of non-volatile storage available for application private data.
That is, the /data partition MUST be at least 350MB.

So, the phone DX is selling is clearly NOT a genuine ICS, because ICS won't even run on such a low memory configuration. The lock screen shows clearly it is a Gingerbread (2.x) device.
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