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Description: Wants LAS Fans to Know about Adapteva's PARALLELLA board Timestamp: 2013-07-28 15:37:49 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris & Matt,
  3. It's great to watch the LAS show! It is packed with loads of fun and useful info and I don't miss a show, since I discovered LAS. I actually back-watch a lot of shows :)
  5. Now, I wanted to point your attention towards Adapteva's ( PARALLELLA board, in regards to the Linux Pick segment.
  7. This board, to a large extent shares its identity with the RaspPi, has a unique configuration and may be the on the edge of future computing. It has a dual-core ARM processor in conjunction with a 16 core Epiphany chip. This chip is the actual intellectual property of the company and with it, the configuration has amazing power/CPU cycle specs as well as raw CPU power.
  9. The company achieved their Kickstarter goal in Autumn last year and will start shipping to their backers sometime in August. It has just been made available for regular pre-orders (October Shipment) and at 100 bucks you basically get a RasPi with a lot of horsepower. Now, there are some difficulties in getting your code to work on the Epiphany chip and this is the main purpose of Adapteva releasing this board at the super-duper low $99. In comparison, the equivalent to this board until now would have cost around $10k and was hence not available for mortal devs with projects in the basement in need of cheap CPU cycles.
  11. The buzz around this technology is great and I believe that LAS fans may well fit into the description of game-changing technology creators/adaptors.
  13. Regards,
  14. Lubo
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