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Author: Not Trump voters Language: text
Description: Looks like the (, now providingsu Timestamp: 2017-07-04 05:21:30 +0000
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  2. missed connections
  3. post account
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  7. you make so many mistakes and make them so repeatedly it gets tiresome correcting them all.
  9. the main one you are making is you think that I care what you think of me. I could not care less. the more evil you think I am, the more likely you are to stay the fuck away from me, so good.
  11. i find you repulsive you should know that by now. i would never wish to be in your presence just because you're ill to look at
  12. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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  17. SF bay area >
  18. south bay >
  19. personals >
  20. missed connections
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  26. craigslist - Map data OpenStreetMap
  27. (google map)
  29. Not enough..
  30. $150 /hr for my company...
  31. you destroyed my soul and that's what my worth equivalent is at this point in time right this very moment now ....
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  40. SF bay area >
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  43. missed connections
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  48. Your favorite cocker spaniel, Spaniel, is here to wish a lovely..... omfg! IS that a squirrel? SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! OMG! I AM GOING TO GET YOU SQUIRREL! YOU ARE MINE SQUIRREL!
  49. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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  61. missed connections
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  66. Feed your poor me-victim delusion. That's your problem if you want to believe that. You're a hateful person and you need someone to hate. Just like when you told me almost all of your exes were psychos and stalkers. Yeah right.
  68. And if you're threatening to sue me, go ahead. I know you won't because then you'd have nothing to hold over me anymore. And power and control are all you were ever interested in. That and money, protecting your money was more important than my physical and emotional well being.
  70. And that is why you were betrayed. Because you were dishonest about helping fix the mess you created with your abuse. You forced me to protect myself at your expense. You're still mad about losing and you will always be a pissy little bitch who only cares for herself.
  72. And you're still not welcome anywhere I hang out. Hahaha CUNT.
  74. You can't even do the decent thing for your girlfriend. I feel sorry for the way you've dragged her into this. You're truly pathetic.
  76. You are and always will be the abuser. I can't believe I ever thought it was a one off. You've proven you will continue to abuse me in whatever way you can-- if not physically then mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and now threats of financially.
  78. You're truly disgusting. And you're still posting 5 years later because you can't get over playing the victim.
  79. You're bat shit crazy.
  81. PS I know I violated you and I was truly sorry but now you can go fuck yourself. You've yet to acknowledge how you've violated me because you are a selfish narcissist. Get over yourself.
  82. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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  95. missed connections
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  101. craigslist - Map data OpenStreetMap
  102. 1530 Haight St
  103. (google map)
  105. It does not apply to energy and communication, and likely not to thermodynamics either.
  106. Interesting, though.
  108. You are not alone.
  110. bcnu
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  120. missed connections
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  125. Hi my name is Spaniel, I'm a cocker spaniel dawg. I currently live with my very uncompassionate excuse of an owner. This man will not give me his credit card information so I can sign up for goat yoga. I'm passionate about all things goats; especially goat dairy products. Yoga comes naturally to me hence the term downward dog. If you have a heart for animals trying to follow their passion please donate to my goat yoga fund. Email me for more information. Thank you, Spaniel
  126. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  133. SF bay area >
  134. san francisco >
  135. personals >
  136. missed connections
  137. post account

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