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Author: Will Language: text
Description: Plan B Podcast Timestamp: 2013-06-11 16:41:43 +0000
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  1. You were talking with Adam on your recent episode about the ugliness/clunkiness of BTC addresses and QR codes. Well, I think you should know about a website I found (to which I am in no way affiliated) that allows one to embed an image within/under a QR code. Take a look and play with it. The free ones aren't wonderful looking, but still cool. Downside = dumps to a flash loading screen before you can navigate to the scan destination. Upside = free. The better looking QR codes cost (two different pay tiers, not a bad price), but there's no loading screen! I think this website would be a perfect one to lobby that they begin accepting BTC (I've filled out their contact form twice, fwiw). Right?! I mean, if vanity BTC addresses are cool, then these are just a notch cooler than that, and can even enhance one's vanity address for marketing/fundraising/etc.
  3. Just check them out (honestly, I know it sounds like it, but I don't know anybody there, and I'm kinda pissed they haven't responded to my attempts to contact them. I just want to see their product permeate the bitcoin space - it's perfect for all of us). It's totally appealing. I hope this helps you find more aesthetic pleasure in BTC address QR codes thanks to this. Sorry for wasting your time if you're already aware of this.
  7. Peace,
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