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Description: ZFS + RAID = Problems Timestamp: 2015-11-17 15:55:53 +0000
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  1. Dear Allan and Kris.
  3. BSDnow has become my favorite podcast followed by TechSNAP.  Been watching since episode 1.
  5. I had a storage problem (550+ DVD and Blu-ray takes up to much room in the living room) that I was going to solve with Linux RAID aray, but I could not get my raid card (HighPoint RocketRAID 2320) to work in Ubuntu linux. I decided to try FreeBSD and ZFS(after hearing Allan talk about it on TechSNAP).  This combo worked like a champ, but then I found out that I had about 4 bad hard drives out of 8. It looked like someone at the warehouse dropped a box of hard drive and then shipped them to me.  
  7. The data itself is not all that important it is the time that it takes to important it that is.  I have set up a raidz-2 with the drives.  The case can hold up to 20 HDD. What is the best way to add 12 more HDD to the pool?  Would it be better to rebuild the pool with 20 HDD?    
  9. The storage server is as fallows
  11.     Intel Core i7-940
  12.     GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R
  13.     NORCO RPC-4020 4U
  14.     24 GB DDR3
  15.     HighPoint RocketRAID 2320
  16.     8x Western Digital WD Green WD20EARS 2TB for storage in a RAIDZ2
  17.     2x (mirrored) Corsair Nova Series 2 60GB for the OS
  19. I have a few questions.
  21.     I can not saturate my Gigabit link anymore and seams that my RAID card is the problem. what is the best card or card to finish filling out my case.
  22.     What are the best hard drives to use in this type of use case?
  23.     What would be best way to build the pool with all 20 HDD including what I have or rebuilding?  
  26. Hear is a link to my Scrub output and how full it is.
  29. Thank you for all the great advice your show has given me.  I enjoy every episode you produce.
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