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Description: Backup software tips? Timestamp: 2020-03-23 19:36:24 +0000
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  1. Hi guys! First - I _love_ your shows. Thank you so much for teaching me soo much about Linux and open source software / the community in general! I've followed many of your excellent advice and my systems thank you for it xD
  3. ( I'm not quite as dare devil as you, running Arch on your prod server, but I took a leap of faith and switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro  on my main dev. laptop ( Dell XPS ) and I have to say - I really like it! )
  5. Now to my question... I mean... I have a question for you :-D
  7. I've heard some of you talk multiple times about backup strategies and the software you're using to take the backups, but I can't remember what episodes it is. So - could you please point me to episodes where you talk about server backup strategies? Or maybe namedrop tools / software? Or maybe even ( just maybe! ) talk a little bit about how to get in place a good backup strategy on a future episode ( maybe on Self Hosted? )
  9. Thank you in advance for any help / tips / advice!
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