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Description: Free 66 TB(TeraBytes) Livedrive Cloud Storage and Multi GB storage in copy (Promotion Offer) Timestamp: 2013-06-10 20:58:49 +0000
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Get Whooping 66 TB account for free as well as multi GB cloud storage account for can combine both of the cloud storage and this is limited time promotion given to random users.I got mail from their side and I did quick are the details-

First you need to signup using my link and you will earn 5 GB extra space so total of 20 GB.its like chaining system.

second after signup using link and installing the copy App for PC/Android(IMP-without installing their App this trick wont work and you wont earn any additional storage,its requirement to complete signup)you will get mail from for earning extra 5 GB Space and a personal promotional mail for signing up on for huge huge 66 TB 1 year premium account.

this is valid for limited time only and promoting for enhancing business I suppose

now you don't need to worry and keep all the data in computer.use these 2 emerging powerful cloud storage for storing your music/video and virtually any size of file.they both don't have upload/download bandwidth and size limits.

Here is the screenshot of Free 1 year Livedrive Pro Suite premium 66 TB online storage.


Thanks for watching video and signup.

Feel free to comment with your mail IDs here if you don't get Referral mail from will manually mail you promotional link and code.
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