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Description: VPS Breach Timestamp: 2013-06-20 19:19:24 +0000
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  1. something for the techsnap show as im a big fan since it started , and i was lucky to witness that this an email from the data center that i use for some of my costumers in the us
  3. Hello blink blink blink :) ,
  5. Around 3am Eastern Standat Time (EST) today, there was a security breach, due to a vulnerability in SolusVM that allowed a command line to be run to dump the ChicagoVPS SolusVM client database and attempt to delete all data from our nodes. Our staff is working tirelessly to get everything back online, along working with SolusVM to address the root issue and no furthur impact is expected.
  7. Now what does this mean for the customer? All passwords should be changed, this includes passwords for SolusVM control panel and your VPS. This data leak does not include billing information or credit card information. Thus far we are having great success in getting nodes back online with no data loss, however, there are a few that were not recoverable and will be restored using our offsite backups.
  9. Once the situation is 100% complete and back to normal we will send another email out. We understand the sevarity and importance to get everything back online quickly. With that in mind, please try to refrain from opening a ticket or replying to an old one as it only slows us down even more. We are doing our best, and hope to have this fully resolved within 24 hours.
  11. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  13. Regards
  15. Your ChicagoVPS Team
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