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Description: timekpr replacement Timestamp: 2012-11-25 16:11:19 +0000
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  1. Hey Guys,
  3. Stumbled across your show looking some Linux support and have really enjoyed it. You try to be realistic and balanced, and practical in your approach. While I greatly look forward to your doing more app reviews, would love to find some good Desktop publishing apps, I have really appreciated the distro reviews.
  5. Like many, I like the stability and the support of Ubuntu, however I'm not a Unity fan. Yes I saw your show on improving Unity, and while they did help, well its still Unity. I'm currently testing Voyager Linux and Pear Thanks to the show.
  7. Okay, that's the feedback, now my main question. My twelve year old has a 10.10 box for games. We used timekpr to limit his game intake time. However as we look at upgrading, timekpr has not been updated since 10.04. Any 12.04 alternatives?
  9. Thanks,
  10. David
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