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Description: Drunk on WINE Timestamp: 2015-02-14 21:27:25 +0000
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  1. I am wondering about possibly getting some one on one advice OR as was very briefly discussed, possibly opening the question of tips/advice on Tech Talk Today as to how to further my career.
  3. I deploy Linux boxes that are so drunk on WINE that Microsoft would accept it as genuine in a small town in Eastern Indiana. I target small to medium businesses and lowball my prices to get in past the bigger tech guys in my area. I am no new user to Linux, the cli, or more riskč operations such as server management but I am also not an expert. I want to learn more but I am not sure the best avenue to do so.
  5. The first time that Noah was on LAS, it caught my interest that he found a niche and filled it and ran with it. I am doing the same with a different amount of success albeit measured differently. Since then I have really wanted to get into contact with him.
  7. Thanks in advance,
  8. Justin
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