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  1. Uses of History Marxism, Postmodernism, and the Renaissance (Literature, Politics, Theory).pdf ebook, pdf, Cultural studies, Literary theory, Philosophy Of History, Historiography, History, Philosophy, History: World,
  2. From Beveridge to Blair The First Fifty Years of Britain's Welfare State 1948-98.pdf ebook, pdf, European history: postwar, from c 1945 -, Social history, Social welfare & social services, Postwar period, 1945 to c 2000, Social Science, History - General History, Textbooks, Political Science, History: World, Europe, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Social Work, Europe - Great Britain - General, Public Policy - Social Services & Welfare, Sociology - General, Social Science / Sociology / General, History & Theory - General,
  3. Radical Femininity Women's Self-Representation in the Public Sphere.pdf ebook, pdf, History of ideas, intellectual history, Social history, Women's studies, Sociology Of Women, Social Science, Women's Studies - History, Sociology, British Isles, Women in public life, History, Feminism & Feminist Theory, Women's Studies - General, Great Britain, Language, Women radicals,
  4. Keeping the Peace The United Nations and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (Melland Schill Studies in International Law).pdf ebook, pdf, Peace studies, Peacekeeping operations, United Nations & UN agencies, Politics/International Relations, International Security, Political Science, Politics / Current Events, United Nations, International, International Relations - General, Armed Forces,
  5. Contemporary Women's Writing From The Golden Notebook to The Color Purple.pdf ebook, pdf, Literary studies: from c 1900 -, Women's studies, 20th Century English Literature, Women As Authors (English Literature), Literature - Classics / Criticism, English, Literary Criticism, British Isles, Women Authors, Literary Criticism & Collections / Women Authors, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,
  6. A New Owner's Guide To Pembroke Welsh Corgis (New Owner's Guide To...).pdf ebook, pdf, Dogs, Dogs - Breeds, Pembroke Welsh corgi, Pets, Dogs - Breeds - Working & Herding Dogs, Animals,
  7. Icelandic ponies.pdf ebook, pdf, Iceland pony -- Juvenile literature., Iceland pony -- Pictorial works -- Juvenile literature., Iceland pony., Wild horses., Ponies.,
  8. Essential Tagalog Phrase Book.pdf ebook, pdf, Southeast Asian Languages, Foreign Language Study, Reference, Language, General, Miscellaneous, Southeast Asian Languages (See Also Vietnamese), Conversation and phrase books, Spoken Indonesian, Tagalog language,
  9. What's Inside You? (Starting Point Science).pdf ebook, pdf, Science & Nature - Anatomy & Physiology, Juvenile Nonfiction, Children's Books/Ages 4-8 Nonfiction, Human physiology, Juvenile literature, Children: Grades 1-2,
  10. The Official U.S. Mint Eisenhower Dollars Coin Album 1971-1978.pdf ebook, pdf, Coins, Currency & Medals, Antiques / Collectibles,
  11. South Africa Magnifying Glass.pdf ebook, pdf, Republic of South Africa, African studies,
  12. Numismatic Art in America.pdf ebook, pdf, Coins, Currency & Medals, Antiques / Collectibles,
  13. The great Jewish migration, 1881-1914 Myths and realities (Kaplan Centre papers).pdf ebook, pdf,
  14. Meanings The Bible As Document and As Guide.pdf ebook, pdf, Relations, Bible Commentary, Judaism, Christianity, Bible, Christianity and other religio, Christianity and other religions, Criticism, interpretation, etc,
  15. Window of Vulnerability A Political Spirituality.pdf ebook, pdf, Christian social thought & activity, Christian theology, Religion, Social Theology, Inspirational, Religious aspects, Christianity, Christianity and politics, Feminist theology, Peace,

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