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Description: How can we value a BTC if we can never know how many BTC are active!? Timestamp: 2013-05-14 17:48:36 +0000
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  1. Chris/Drew
  3. Loving the show, seems like every week BTC/LTC is gathering more and more interest, we are living in very exciting times indeed!
  5. I have many queries but for this message I want to ask what seems to me a rather fundamental issue for BTC. As we know there can only be a finite number of BTCs and these BTCs are held in wallets by an individual (the owner) or a third party (on behalf of the owner) such as an online wallet or shares account.
  7. Last weeks show there was the classic example of a listener trying to crack a zip folder containing 5 BTCs. Lets say he never manages to crack it, these 5 BTCs remain out of reach "INACTIVE" for eternity. And unlike cash money, you cant print replacements.
  9. What I am struggling to wrap my head around is; how can we know how many "ACTIVE" BTCs are in circulation? and what does that mean for the future as more and more people lose BTCs?
  11. Similarly lets say an electromagnetic pulse fries all the HDs in America, does the value of BTC sky rocket because there are now even fewer active BTCs in circulation? how can we value a BTC if we can never know how many BTC are active!?
  13. I appreciate there is no answer to this, but I think its a very interesting debate and I would be curious to hear what you chaps think around the matter?
  15. Looking forward to next weeks show!
  17. Thanks
  19. Dimitri
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