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Description: Bank security or lack of! Timestamp: 2017-01-31 13:23:10 +0000
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  1. When I log into my bank I put in my user account number, on the next page confirm a recognised picture and sentence and then on the final page put in a five digit pin number.  There isnít a dongle or any other measures.  
  3. When I went to change my password or as they call it ďpin numberĒ I could still only use five numbers (and no other characters), but they call it a pin and not a password.  Iím not very happy about that and itís a large bank here in England Ė Santander.
  5. How worried should I be or is this similar to when I used the option the encrypt my home directory when I setup my Ubuntu laptop Ė it unlocks using only my eight digit login password but the system prompted me to make a note of a thirty two character long passphrase that would be required presumably if I put the drive in another machine.  Is this to do with the login keychain system. Is the bank doing something similar.  The bad guys still only need to guess five numbers donít they?
  7. I hope you get what Iím trying to say and I hope you can make these things clearer to me.
  9. Many thanks
  11. Gary
  13. And please say hi to my son Ryan who will be happy to hear his name on your show.
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