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Description: Typescript Experience Timestamp: 2014-08-25 17:31:14 +0000
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  1. Hi, Mike and Chris.
  3. I'm writing in to let you know I'll be shipping a Typescript application into production tomorrow (from the time I'm writing this email).
  5. I used Typescript on a small, new module withing our larger product, and I have to say my overall experience was very positive.
  7. First, I want to address the sentiment that "Typescript is for C# programmers who don't want to learn JavaScript". I have coded more hours of JavaScript than any other language. C# is a close second. I understand JavaScript, and I understand that it is terrible. Frameworks such as Backbone, Knockout, etc. definitely provide much needed structure, but they don't address the fact that JavaScript is crap.
  9. Typescript brings classes, interfaces, lambda expressions, and static typing to a language that can quickly become a readability nightmare.
  11. My single biggest take away from Using Typescript over the course of three full work weeks, is that my code is readable, and understandable.
  13. Going into my 11th year as a professional software developer, I have come to value readable code over almost all other considerations. Typescript is readable. That counts for a lot with me.
  15. Thanks for the show, guys.
  17. Tony Wilsman
  18. Lincoln, NE
  20. Chris, you can stop here if you want, I'm going to address a separate point.
  22. Mike also made light of Microsoft's emphasis on tooling.
  24. I was a PHP developer for years. I coded with Gedit, vim, PHPStorm, and Eclipse. Nothing I have ever used compares to the visibility, and refactoring capabilities provided by Visual Studio. Typescript allows me to use a large portion of Visual Studio's incredible functionality on well-structured JavaScript. Don't underestimate the value in that.
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