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Description: Tuxies Feedback Timestamp: 2021-01-05 18:23:15 +0000
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  1. Regarding the awards show, you said you hoped more people would've voted. I think you should have mentioned the voting on the other JB shows as well. I'm devastated I missed the voting... well not really devastated but some of the votes were quite close and my votes could have mattered.
  3. I think the way you did the awards was a bit strange though. You tallied the votes but then wanted to overrule them several times, but didn't. Maybe it would make more sense to have both personal picks and community picks. I would also like if you could publish the full results including votes, I'd have a much easier time parsing those visually and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  5. And BTW I hate Vim. Happy new year!
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