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Description: Feedback Timestamp: 2013-10-18 16:18:43 -0400
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  1. I believe I first heard of your podcast on /. around its initial release but kind of put it on the back burner as I am mostly a MacOS, Linux, and openBSD (on a couple of firewalls) user.  Fast forward a few weeks later and the need to build a smallish home server for file storage (NFS) and some light home automation tasks.  Since its primary role will be file sharing I was very interested in a platform with ZFS support.  While doing this research I was amazed to discover how robust the support for ZFS in openbsd was and it began to look like the best choice for this project.
  3. While researching FreeBSD a bit further I rediscovered your podcast.  Let me just say keep up the great work and let you know that I know have my first FreeBSD install (10-beta1) in a VM on my MAC and it will be the OS on my home server once I get it built (hopefully in the next month or two).
  6. Again keep up the awesome work
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