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Description: Go with the supported system - LESSON LEARNED! Timestamp: 2013-05-12 15:41:28 +0000
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  1. Hi!
  3. I'd just like to say I've bought a domain using the linux code, and tipped friends about doing the same.
  5. I'd just like to tell you my sad story of how my cheapness punished me.
  6. I've been wanting to get a laptop for some time, and every week when you talk about system76 I get reminded of it.
  7. So for the last month I've been weighing the pro's and cons of a system76 laptop, versus one with windows pre-loaded and a student discount.
  8. Anyway, I ended up cheapening out and got a thinkpad E135, now I have a laptop with an unsupported wireless network card.
  9. Luckily i had a wifi-dongle lying around and I can use that.
  11. I guess you can use my story next time you plug the linux supporting vendors some time.
  13. Great Show and it was great to see some emotions showing last week!
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