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Description: Chromebook followup Timestamp: 2014-11-24 01:17:41 +0000
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  1. Hi Guys,
  3. I watched Episode 064 earlier today and saw Steven's question about
  4. the patches for the Acer Chromebook. Originally I wanted to wait until
  5. Haswell support is there before publishing anything - at EuroBSDCon it
  6. sounded like this was only one or two weeks away.
  8. So I took the time tonight and created the diffs and wrote up
  9. everything I could remember about how I got this up and running back in
  10. September:
  14. @Allan: You told me at EuroBSDCon that Peter Hessler might have details
  15. on how to make suspend work. I got in touch with him via email, but he
  16. stopped responding after one mail - not sure if he knows or not. In
  17. general I hope that Haswell support might fix this "for free" anyway.
  19. Cheers,
  20. Michael
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