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Description: Timeshift Story and Question Timestamp: 2020-03-23 20:28:02 +0000
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  1. Timeshift Story and Question
  2. Message: I too had timeshift save my bacon. To preface, I am a novice, and was monkeying around trying to create a script that resulted in me messing with permissions I shouldn't have and accidentally deleting /bin ..... So I used Timeshift and it restored without issue.
  4. I would like to easily backup my home directory, but if you select that AND the  system directory, and you restore, it doesn't give you an option to restore one or the other, it's all or nothing.
  6. Obviously I could just manually access the files and copy what I think I need, but sometimes, I don't fully know the extent to which I've broken my system and I'm not sure how timeshift manages permissions that were changed on directories after the snapshot was taken. So I'd rather restore through timeshift.
  8. My question for you guys is, do you know of a way to run two instances of Timeshift one for the system partition and one for the home partition? Or do you have another suggestion for backing up my home directory that's as easy to use as Timeshift?
  10. Thanks!
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