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  1. Doix:   dude
  2. im not going to figure out how organize the search forms
  3. thats difficult
  4. zort:   I hate you right now.
  5. mfc:    me?
  6. zort:   no, Doix.
  7. Doix:   i dont understand the issue anymore
  8. this is literally trivial
  9. this is the part
  10. i don't do
  11. because its boring :p
  12. building a html form is tedious
  13. plus yinyin will complain
  14. that its wrong
  15. so its better to ask yinyin in the first place
  16. and avoid the work fixing it :p
  17. YinYin: zort is probably better at this?
  18. Doix:   i dunno man
  19. its purely a usability thing
  20. i dont do usability
  21. mfc: every click redirects you to another weird internet page
  22. Raven|:
  23. why should i slap an eel????????????????????
  24. mfc:    puppy licking glass
  25. Raven|: mfc:
  26. mfc:    oh i know it
  27. Raven|: i don't want to go to university tomorrow ):
  28. i hope bluephoenix is fine
  29. i hope phil is fine
  30. YinYin: zort: do you do usability? I think you do
  31. Doix:   basically
  32. if you guys dont do it
  33. i will eventually do it
  34. and it'll suck
  35. then you'll complain
  36. Raven|: what do?
  37. Doix:   but it'll be too late to fix it
  38. Raven|: figure out a way to organize the searching form
  39. so its easy to use but is powerful as well
  40. Raven|: let me do it, i can't get worse then :D
  41. Doix:   ok :p
  44. zort:   starcraft/replays/">
  47. YinYin: we may have more than one player
  48. Doix:   and what if you don't care
  49. what player 1 is
  50. YinYin: we need: amount of players, player names, replay name, amount of coms, difficulty, game mode, cheats, length - and maybe stuff for battle mode
  51. doix obviously you will never care what player 1 is
  52. you will care whether a certain player took part
  53. no matter which slot
  54. Doix:   exactly
  55. so the form from gosugamers isn't a good example
  56. constructing this form
  57. is tough as balls
  58. YinYin: actually
  59. Raven|: wanna se some tough balls?
  60. Doix:   not really, no
  61. Raven|: aww, but i have 2 in a red box :3
  62. Doix:   so so so
  63. many jokes to be made
  64. YinYin: just one or two search inputs for general tag search (replay or player name - maybe the second for just player names similar to mybb forum search) - and then lots of dropdowns
  65. oh and upload time
  66. forgot that
  67. and hide the dropdowns in an advanced search option
  68. so you can just mash in "zort battle mode CRAZY!" and you could be good to go without drop downs
  69. Doix:   man
  70. then we need to crazy
  71. shit with the input string
  72. YinYin: of course :p
  73. thats the most user friendly
  74. take care of their shit
  75. Doix:   but you cant know what it means
  76. Raven|:
  77. Doix:   Silva henry davis
  78. YinYin: no but you can assume
  79. Doix:   do you want
  80. all games where silva played henry and davis?
  81. or games where silva played henry
  82. YinYin: no
  83. Doix:   and there was a davis
  84. YinYin: just get anything that contains the string silva
  85. Doix:   or do you want all games
  86. with silva
  87. and henry
  88. and davis
  89. YinYin: and the strings henry and davis
  90. Doix:   or
  91. YinYin: or the characters henry and davis
  92. Doix:   and
  93. YinYin: if the user doesn't specify just sort by best matches :p
  94. Doix:   zort: i have given up
  95. "best matches"
  96. that is not a thing
  97. YinYin: last results would probably just contain silva and no henry or davis
  98. match with the input
  99. zort:   That's okay Doix.
  100. Doix:   zort: are you reading this
  101. this shit is impossible :p
  102. YinYin: can't you just get a premade form and make it fit? :p
  103. Doix:   no
  104. YinYin: why
  105. Doix:   now its not about
  106. th efront end form
  107. YinYin: I know
  108. Doix:   your ideas for how the backend search will work
  109. zort:   probably use an Index whose Documents contain all the info ever about the replay.
  110. Doix:   is impossibru
  111. YinYin: it's not
  112. but yeah you could just go for two fields: replay name+player names and drop downs that check all other lfr states
  113. Doix:   zort: haha
  115. so you are saying use googles search stuff
  116. in that case what yinyin said is probably possible
  117. if we do it your way
  118. YinYin: see
  119. Doix:   yeah man
  120. google
  121. people
  122. that are smart
  123. do this shit :p
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