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Description: On the system daemon from a perespective of a systems programmer Timestamp: 2014-09-23 19:22:14 +0000
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  1. Hello Chris, Mat and the chatroom!
  3. I just wanted to comment a bit on the whole systemd thing from a perspective of a low-level programmer.
  4. If no-one takes anything else from this email, please at least understand that **Modern software does not work "the UNIX way" for TECHNICAL reasons.**
  5. Let's be realistic, System V init was a bunch of shell scripts that had very little in them to accommodate in terms of security, maintainability on a large scale, test ability and integration. The reason systemd stores log files in a binary format for example is for efficiency reasons when communicating between its different components, not to make it impossible for you, as the user, to read them - in fact it is very easy to get your logs in textual form.
  6. Another thing is, the reason systemd integrates some of the stuff that were previously separate programs is that it can integrate better with them ie communicating between shell scripts is way more expensive than having a single body of C code handle it - and let me tell you, that C code is pretty well written. When was the last time you saw a really good shell script of any complexity whatsoever? I can't remember either.
  7. Another thing is that exploiting concurrency and parallelism using shell scripts is practically impossible.
  8. I am not even talking about having a nice API etc., etc.
  10. Lets not forget, UNIX was built in an age, where the Internet was simply not a thing and so security concerns were often tossed aside, it was built in an age of archaic HW that certainly wasn't a quad/six/eight-core beast and it was built in an age where deploying your own personal VPS in 55 seconds was possible.
  12. It certainly is disgusting to hear all the trash talk from the BSD guys, who until recently used an archaic compiler, still use code from 1992 and still use an init system that is a bunch of shell scripts...
  13. Go on, develop something systemd-competitive and then talk...
  15. Let the code speak for itself.
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