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Description: XFCE Timestamp: 2014-09-30 04:31:05 +0000
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  1. I don't see the future of XFCE as grim as most of your mumble users.
  3. 5 minutes on XFCE forum ( and mailing-list ( tells a slightly different story.
  5. I don't think the development commits for XFCE are shown in public git until they are "released". Hence it looks like they haven't really done anything since 4.10.
  7. Debian Jessie: Report from the Xfce maintainers: (
  8. "The current (2014-09-17) state of affairs in Jessie is not perfect, especially wrt. power manager handling for laptop. This is both because of the systemd changes and especially because of the upower0.99 changes (755234). This should be fixed once xfce4-power-manager 1.4 enters unstable (currently in experimental, upload should happen soon). Default power management setup inhibits logind doing the suspend, but that can be changed by users (or maintainers). Besides that, permissions based on PolicyKit and logind are handled fine when systemd is PID1 (and not correctly when using sysvrc and systemd-shim)"
  10. XFCE4-pwm 1.4 was annouced as released Sept 15th (and a patch 3 days ago) and is in Arch Testing. Maybe Debian team should do their tests to be able to move from experimental to unstable within Debian.
  12. There's also an interesting thread about 4.12 stabilization in mailing list.
  14. To me it seems like they are steadily moving forward with 4.12 with changes for systemd integration, upower etc (albeit slow but hey they don't have a full fledged team behind them like GNOME/KDE). Besides, if it was such a showstopper/regression for Ubuntu (or was it Debian) why didn't they with all their resources step up to help out coding for XFCE?
  16. XFCE moving to QT, why would they toss out 1.5 yrs of coding for v4.12. Would make more sense consider that 4.14 (if at all).
  18. In the end XFCE has served me (and my completely linux-illiterate family members) well. Would be a shame if it died out.
  20. MATE as a modern replacement? Well, Tried it several times always with issues. Nice looking but doesn't feel mature at all (subjective opinion of course :) )
  22. ~Kjell
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