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  1. I just wanted to share a success story with you regarding Linux in my workplace
  3. I work in one of the worlds largest companies in the IT sector, not gonna mention names but lets just call them "The Big Blue".....
  5. In "The Big Blue" it has become mandatory to use our own version of Linux if you are a privileged user (if you have access to anything important - meaning hundreds of thousands of users). The standard image is based on RHEL6.4 but you can also use Fedora 19 or Ubuntu 12.10 with a compatibility layer installed. Some users including myself have been forced to run a Win7 virtual machine inside of Linux because of dependency on 1 single application which links proxies together in a chain (kinda like ProxyChains :-S ) but I recently managed to hack together ProxyChains4 to provide just that functionality which in terms meant and me and my entire team were able to throw Windows out the window (pardon the pun)... A big Success which is now being replicated in other teams in the company.
  7. Just wanted to share a story - thanks for listening
  9. Thanks for some awesome shows guys
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