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Description: Low power pfSense & pfSense 2.5 Timestamp: 2017-06-13 16:50:26 -0400
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  1. I'm slowly convincing myself to put together a small pfSense firewall. I originally wanted to do some ebay hunting, but I keep picturing the electricity bill for running it 24/7 (EU princing). So I've arrived at an embedded infrastructure. But just in time, there was some news about pfSense, that in the future it will require AES-NI to be present.
  3. This kinda gets important as I would like to access part of the network through OpenVPN (NAS, maybe some intelligent home devices, temp readings, fishtank control). I don't think
  5. So given a power consumption limit and let's say a noise limit, in your experience, would an Atom based solution be sufficient with 4 NICs on board or should I just get a Pentium or Core based single NIC board and hunt for a used 2 port server NIC (1 for the LAN and 1 for the DMZ). I simply don't think that the ARM Netgate appliance is sufficient and the Atom based ones are too expensive.
  6. Right now the only thing I spec'd out really is a used 1U mini chassis and that I might replace the fans for silent ones.
  8. But really any idea helps at this point.
  10. Thanks and keep up the good show,
  11. David
  13. P.S.: if you want to suggest alternatives, running something 24/7 will roughly cost 3$/Watt/year over here and assume a 3 year usage for the TCO.
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