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Description: Kanban in Practice Timestamp: 2017-12-22 17:51:45 +0000
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  1. Hello Chris and Michael,
  3. I am a long time listener. I started around episode 70 or so.
  4. Please keep my identity private due to the sensitive nature of my projects.
  6. I am a senior enterprise level programmer here in Tampa, FL (aka Old Dude). These days I am supposed to go by the title of "Software Engineer". I have been programming for some time, both on distributed systems and the IBM mainframe. Currently, I am working on a "bleeding edge" project to transform payments systems. I have no interest in being a public person, so I would like to stay anonymous.
  8. I wanted to comment on the discussion about Kanban and Agile. I have had the Kanban training here at my current employer as part of a Kanban certification course. The pronunciation of the word Kanban that was used in the class was one very much like the Jersey pronunciation that Michael used. One of the main aspects of Kanban that was left out of your discussion was the "queue limits". This would mean that at any period of time there can only be a finite number of projects or features being worked on. This limit number should be set ahead of time and should be hard and fast.
  10. That being said, I have never seen Kanban successfully employed in the development environment. I have also seen all favors of Agile started, but no approach was adhered to long term. It seems that every time a given methodology is started, it is the business side (customer and financer of the project) that breaks the process. This damage is usually due to a new or changed business demand and how team leadership deals with these demands. I do not deal with independent businesses as clients, but I can only assume that the same happens there.
  12. Thank you for your show. I have always enjoyed the topics discussed. I have also subscribed to Linux Academy via the shows' promotion. I wish Michael much success here in Florida. The summers can be hard. Hang in there.
  14. Thank you,
  15. John Doe (aka Anonymous)
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