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Description: Antergos Linux Timestamp: 2014-02-02 04:47:26 +0000
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  1. Hey Chris and Matt, i'm a long time listener since episode 1 when this was just The Linux Action Show. :) This is my first time writing in. I wanted to let you all know that i've taken the plunge and have installed Antergos Linux. I've been wanting to since hearing about it on your show.
  3. I've been a Ubuntu user since Dapper Drake, and have been going back and forth between Windows and and linux. I sometimes install Windows and sometimes use Windows and linux in VM or use ubuntu and windows in VM.
  5. Except for when they came out with Windows 8. I really liked windows 8. So since then I switched to using 8 because I enjoyed developing windows phone apps. But after hearing about antergos and reading about it and watching the few videos I decided to switch to it.
  7. I blow away my windows 8 machine and installed it a day ago. I am really enjoying it. it is fairly easy, and this comes from a fairly newbie to linux and the command line stuff. I want to do more with linux and even maybe learn python so i can contribute back to some open source projects.
  9. One suggestion for the show: How about one show a month doing an in-depth how-to on either a useful linux command or linux service. shell scripting, web server, google, security, etc especially from a new user or intermediate user prospective. Just a thought. Like you did with linux in-depth. And on that how-to show devote the whole show to that one topic.
  11. Sorry for such a long comment. I guess I had a lot to say since I've not written before. This should make up for it. I will keep you posted on my experience in arch and antergos.
  13. Thanks,
  14. Lance
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