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Description: Getting Involved Timestamp: 2015-12-23 13:39:27 +0000
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  1. Your recent question about which shells you use made me realize that I'd
  2. never picked a favorite shell.  I use the defaults: tcsh on FreeBSD, ksh
  3. on OpenBSD, and bash on Linux.  There are very few things that work in
  4. all three, so I'm constantly looking up syntax.
  6. I spent a day playing with new shells.  I really like the features of
  7. zsh, but it takes at least a weekend to get the config file right, which
  8. can be many pages long.  There are too many knobs.  I settled on fish
  9. because it has many of the features of zsh but no configuration is
  10. necessary; everything just works by default.
  12. That's when I realized that FreeBSD's version of fish is several months
  13. out of date.  Support for vi mode was added upstream, but the version in
  14. ports didn't have it.  I was about to submit a PR to ask for it to be
  15. updated, but decided to give it a try myself.
  17. I spent a day reading FreeBSD's amazing Porter's Handbook, figuring out
  18. the proper way to update and test the port.  The PR with my patch is
  19. waiting on maintainer feedback.  Until then I have my vi mode, so I'm
  20. happy
  22. Then I started feeling ambitious and spent the following day making a
  23. port of goobook, a python program that lets you query Google contacts
  24. from mutt.  I'd been installing it manually, but bypassing the package
  25. manager is never ideal.  I had to update a dependency to get it working,
  26. but I did it! I made a new port.  Just waiting on it to be committed.
  30. Browsing the PR database to see what I can do to help is now one of my
  31. spare time activities.  I'm trying to keep an eye on the ports I rely
  32. on.  When I need an updated version of something, I can do something
  33. about it, and that's a good feeling.
  35. So I wanted to thank you guys for sharing your passion for BSD and
  36. giving me the desire to get involved.  This show is half the reason I
  37. started using FreeBSD, and now I'm actually contributing.
  39. Once I finish reading Design and Implementation, maybe I'll dig into the
  40. kernel sources and put my C to good use.
  43. Randy Westlund
  45. P.S.  To any listeners that haven't taken this step yet: It's easier
  46. than you think!  The ports infrastructure does all the hard work for you
  47. and the Porter's Handbook tells you everything you need to know.
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