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Description: Life vs work vs burnout Timestamp: 2014-09-02 17:02:56 +0000
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  1. Not only do I enjoy the coder information. As a small business owner, I enjoy the conversations regarding working from home or renting an office. Your conversations regarding billing and contracts apply to most small businesses. As do topics regarding life vs work vs burnout.
  3. I have found when it is an emergency they (my clients) are willing to pay. But after I take of the emergency then they put my invoice in the back-burner. So if there is an emergency, I now ask for a retainer and have them sign a clear engagement letter.
  5. I have had clients call me when the IRS is at their business about ready to close their business, I come in and save the day. But now that the client is no longer facing that emergency, they quibble about my invoice or even refuse to pay the whole invoice.
  7. And about balancing life and work. I do believe that life trumps work. I know this makes me a pinko commie. As regards human history; many families home and workplace were the same - i.e. farm or they lived above the store.
  9. As for burnout, some of my clients ignore my suggestions and thus it seems that they are always putting out fires. I no longer reply to night and weekend phone calls, nor do I go out after hours because my client has an emergency. I also leave my office for lunch - I don't do a WORKING LUNCH.
  11. If you ain't careful: ---->Death is nature's way of telling you to slow down.
  13. Esteban
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