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Author: Mister Chuckles Language: text
Description: Whats to become a excellent PenTester Timestamp: 2013-06-20 19:22:40 +0000
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  1. Hello there,
  3. I just started listening to the show and enjoy it immensely! I am 18. I want to pursue a degree in information security, specifically penetration testing and reverse engineering. I do not want to be a "skiddie, etc" but instead become a contributing member of the security community. I have a few questions for you and the listeners.
  5. 1.) What resources (sites, books, communities, podcasts) do you recommend for learning penetration testing and reverse engineering?
  8. 2.) What languages do you believe are absolutely necessary for reverse engineering? I personally have been learning C/C++/x86 ASM and python/bash/ruby for scripting.
  11. 3.) What mindsets should I adopt to become excellent in this field?
  13. Thanks. I love you guys and I really want to contribute. I will be around ;-).
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