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Description: Getting into BSD Timestamp: 2014-10-27 23:31:17 +0000
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  1. Hey guys,
  3. I'm a windows developer and system admin :-).
  5. After a few experiments with Linux and finally switching my main machine to Mac OS X I learned about OS X's roots (NextStep and BSD). I never found out which Linux distribution was the right one for the job and I got tired of them all so I decided to dig deeper in Unixland.
  7. Long story short: After surfing the web for a while and reading a lot of nice things about FreeBSD and OpenBSD I discovered your podcast  - I really like your way of presenting BSD in general and I learned a lot from the past episodes (Thank you!).
  9. I finally decided to install some VMs (FreeBSD and OpenBSD) to play with.
  10. So, playtime is over - the VMs are working so well that I think I would like to use them in production. So here are my questions:
  12. 1. What would you suggest to configure / install to build a solid system base?
  13. 2. Would you use ZFS in a virtual machine?
  14. 3. What are you installing / configuring to monitor the health of your FreeBSD systems? (really Nagios?)
  15. 4. Imagine a (BSD-)server you did not install or you have never seen before, what and where do you look for to get a basic feeling of the system state in general?
  17. Thank for the great show and and keep the new episodes coming,
  18. Torsten.
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