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  1. Hey Guys, great show. I am not a dev by profession, but I have to work with them everyday so watching CR help with the translations. I wanted to impart some feedback/advice to a question that was posed during the feedback section of CR106. The writer was going to be leaving the armed forces soon with a CS degree and he was worried about his chances of finding good employment.
  3. I would echo something that Mike said "you have military experience". I work in the DC Metro area and I have found in the past that companies around here are more willing to take on someone with military experience who is trying to enter a particular field. I am not sure if this is still the case but on some contracts, it was considered good practice to have X number of ex-military on your payroll. It is even better if you know how to do what you are supposed to do.
  5. my other piece of advice for you would be to take sometime to figure out what the current trends are and what interests you. Get some practice to hone your skills in those areas. I have been in the position before to select between candidates with the same or differing levels of formal experience and I always choose the individual who shows the initiative of learning on their own. To me, it means you can learn without the need for immediate incentives. That might just get you the job over someone else. My only caution to you is to be prepared to be tested. If you say you have been studying "Y" for 6 months, they might ask you questions about "Y" that someone with beginner / intermediate skills should know .
  7. Good Luck
  8. Dalek
  9. (Watch Doctor Who for the correct pronunciation of the name)
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