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Description: Smart Thermostat Timestamp: 2019-12-03 23:56:11 +0000
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  1.  Noah:
  3. Long time listener first time emailer.
  5. I'm wanting to upgrade the thermostat in my home to a "smart" thermostat. I'm really not a fan of Google's Nest and Amazon's Ring thermostats since both companies want rule the world. Ideally, a thermostat would have some kind of logging: home temperature, set temperature, furnace run time, etc. A way to control the thermostat remotely would be a nice feature , but is not a must have.
  6. My home uses propane for heat and I'm wanting to track how much propane is used on a given day to heat the house. Self hosted would be nice, but I'm not oppose to a cloud service provided the company is not evil, I can get to my data, and the fee, if any, is reasonable.
  8. Jason
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