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  1.     Lakeisha Lantz
  3.     Can I get your help with something? I've been getting some weird vibes lately... Jonathon is going to be my last relationship. I'm not going to make it to middle age. I'm not going to get pregnant. I'm not going to get married again.
  5.     Oh! I'm not going to have a higher paying job than I have now. I'm not going to live somewhere other than this trailer park....'
  7.     I'm at peace with them, but it's still weird...
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  9.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  11.     ... ?
  12.     00:22
  13.     Lakeisha Lantz
  15.     I'm trying to make sense of why they're there to begin with...
  16.     00:25
  17.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  19.     Maybe youre tapping into something. I want you to get a checkup at the doctors, ok? Tell him whatever bits not feelin normal. Even if its minor. At least then youll cover your bases with it. I also want you to have a spotter at all times in case you have a grand mal seizure. Ill look into what i can.
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  21.     Lakeisha Lantz
  23.     I stay around people as often as I can... The house is boring as I don't know what when it's empty.
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  25.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  27.     Keep that up. Ill look into it.
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  29.     Lakeisha Lantz
  31.     I do need to try to get my yearly check up done and ask Dr.Dunning about my missing period... (16 days late, three negative pregnancy tests.)
  33.     I didn't mean to alarm you, if I did
  34.     00:31
  35.     Lakeisha Lantz
  37.     I haven't told Jonathon...I thought that it would freak him out...and now there is a bunch of crap going on with his mother... She completely and totally disowned him tonight pretty much because he wasn't doing what she wanted him to do... (Which was get rid of me.)
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  39.     Lakeisha Lantz
  41.     Also thinking that I might want to ask for protective energies because of her....
  42.     00:37
  43.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  45.     I'll ask sean about a barrier
  46.     00:37
  47.     Lakeisha Lantz
  49.     Thanks.
  51.     I just want that crazy woman to leave me the hell alone...nothing more...
  52.     00:43
  53.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  55.     Pay her, and move forward with your life. Be glad, sean and i are living with my parents now. Least you guys are on your own
  56.     00:43
  57.     Lakeisha Lantz
  59.     I intend to.
  61.     What happened to the place you all were at?
  62.     00:45
  63.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  65.     Seans creating the barrier. Seans mom shut off the internet so we couldn't do our homework. So we moved here til we get on our feet
  66.     00:45
  67.     Lakeisha Lantz
  69.     I'm glad that your parents are being supportive of you both.
  71.     Let him know that I appreciate it? I feel a bit safer and relaxed already.
  72.     00:46
  73.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  75.     Yep... but separate beds. Gonna hopefully move out soon
  76.     00:47
  77.     Lakeisha Lantz
  79.     Good luck!
  80.     00:47
  81.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  83.     Thanks. Its been a trip. Might get hired at burrito me soon....
  84.     00:48
  85.     Lakeisha Lantz
  87.     Separate beds suck, but your parents are Catholic (if I remember correctly...)
  88.     00:56
  89.     Chocolat Angel Mieux
  91.     Were promised, though. He gave me a ring.
  93.     Gonna read great gatsby..... ill expect updates soon on whats going on ok?
  94.     01:00
  95.     Lakeisha Lantz
  97.     *also has a promise ring* The Great Gatsby is a great book!
  99.     And I'll let you know stuff as it reveals itself...
  100.     Sunday
  101.     12:49
  102.     Lakeisha Lantz
  104.     I told Jonathon the thing about me not making it to be middle aged... He freaked out on me over it.
  105.     Today
  106.     00:10
  107.     Lakeisha Lantz
  109.     As with last time I'm a little freaked out...stressed...whatever you want to call period came...about 23 days late... Jonathon went to bed around nine something...and I tried to join him a few minutes such luck for me...just with the random things from nowhere like last time, something occurred to me... the thought "this is to be my last night" came, along with every thought that accompanies such things... What would happen afterword went through my head...Jonathon wanting to keep blue cover...and my family wanting every single thing that they know belongs to me...his mother having a feeling of "thank god that bitch is gone!" (She'd probably throw a goddamn party celebrating my death.)...him grieving...just one catharsis and that be it, for the most part...My family wanting to keep my last paychecks (by law they belong to my mother, by rights, and my own will they belong to Jonathon.)...Andrea growing up later to see pictures of her with an aunt she doesn't remember...I wound up crying then, as I am now...
  111.     If something was waiting to kill me in my sleep, I think that it's gone...None of it is making any sense to me... Why would stuff like that just come out of nowhere... I wasn't depressed...I was very content cuddling with him... I don't get it...
  113.     Wait...poisoned thoughts, and energies coming from someone...Perhaps an unintended spell from someone masquerading and pretending to be a Christian?
  115.     *sigh* This is honestly one of the times that I need my diary, but right now I'm not too keen on risking writing in it for someone else to find and read without my consent before I'm dead...

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