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Description: Remote Tracking of Log files Timestamp: 2016-05-12 18:36:03 +0000
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  1. My ten year old son and I share an interest in going deep in learning Linux and FreeBSD.  We are at the beginning of a long journey but so far we have experimented with lots and have enjoyed setting up all kinds of environments on old and new laptops and on Digital Ocean, too.
  3. We started exploring the system logs on Ubuntu and the logs are great, its clear  learning more about them will give my son and I great confidence in how we administer a system.
  5. I am looking for advise on a generic log framework capable of extracting system logs for a local Linux box to a cloud or mobile phone so we can (i) remotely track the logs, (ii) learn more about the logs so we can understand them like the back of our hand, (iii) be able to set triggers and notifications according to log state.
  7. Someone at my work suggested I look into Splunk, but the free tier does not appear to be secure enough form my taste, and I would like to manage the receiving server of my logs directly like on a Droplet.
  9. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks, love the show!
  13. --Gary Z.
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